week 3

Three weeks of posts!  I’m 100% surprised I have made it this far.  Keeping account of all of the recipes we have made and which ones we want to make again and never make again has been really beneficial.  We are planning on taking pictures to help keep track and to add something fun to look at while scanning for recipes.  Here’s what was on our plates this week:

Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese

Naturally Ella has a ton of great recipes that are easy to re-create at home.  Although I’m not the one re-creating anything, I can say I wish we could eat this every other week.  My only contribution to this recipe was roasting and pureeing the butternut squash.  We added in spinach towards the end of the cook time to get in some extra greens.  The result was delicious, creamy macaroni and cheese that you didn’t feel bad about consuming.  I made sure I saved my second serving for lunch the next day and it heated up easily at work.

Mexican Pizza

Instead of using pizza dough, we used tortillas instead to save on waste and make them personal sized.  Jas cooked some of the red pepper and left the rest raw.  The black bean mixture made a great hummus as a snack after it was ran through the food processor , too!

One Pot Tomato and Mascarpone Pasta

I am a new fan of mascarpone cheese.  It was soft and delicious and blended in so easily wit the tomato and macaroni.  Just like the macaroni and cheese, we added in a lot of spinach towards the end of the cooking time to sneak in more vegetables just liked it originally called for.  I love adding in the extra spinach- it makes me feel less guilty about consuming all of the carbs that come with a pasta dinner.  I really enjoyed this, and also enjoyed that it was all made in one pot for super easy clean up.

Sticky Cauliflower Wings

These weren’t sticky, but they were tasty.  We put them over rice to turn them into more of a meal than an appetizer.  I wouldn’t say they were my favorite of the week, but I enjoyed the flavor of the sauce.  I’m guessing Jason didn’t add as much maple syrup as the recipe called for which was ok with me.  We also opted to use regular milk, as we aren’t vegan and skipped gluten free flour for corn meal.  The cauliflower was baked and crispy and held the sauce.

That’s it for this week!  Thanks for coming by.  Look for pictures next week!  We’ll see if we can get it together 🙂


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